Android Game Development

Android Game Development

Android devices come in varied screen sizes and are manufactured by various handset providers like LG, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Sony among others. One of the major challenges of Android Game Development is to build the game which works equally well on small and big screen sizes and the FPS is maintained on all devices.

Our Android Game Developers have managed to tackle these issues with expertise and deliver games that are entertaining and addictive to end users. Hire Android Developers Today!

Android Development

  • Understanding the Game idea.
  • Creating the Game concept.
  • Creating the Game design document.
  • Creating the Interactive Wireframe & UI Flow creation.
  • Defining milestones.
  • Game art style selection.
  • Creation of game concepts including game characters, character design, level design and Android UI.
  • Development of Android game prototype.
  • Android prototype Development covers core game mechanics, game play and Android game programming using place holder art.
  • Development of game assets, game characters and game levels.
  • Development of Android UI, Menus, Android Interface design.
  • Android programming, Android game programming and integration of  game art, UI, physics, game mechanics and code.
  • Game Testing and QA.
  • Final Build Submission.
  • Android Store Submission.

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